Finished horse trailer to be shipped

From 2 horse trailer to 8 horse trailer, in line with ADR standared, high quality, excellent service, meet your various requirement.

Horse trailer in production line

We have the professional engineer, focus on details, to make our horse trailer more strong, more beautiful and charming.

Happy engineers in China

The man in the middle is our horse trailer, he is our biggest treasure. We all like this man, customer like him too.

Customer visit

Each year, there are some customers visiting our factory. Welcome you to visit us, too.

3pcs horse float ship to AU on 2014.11.15.

These 3pcs horse float, 2pcs is 2HSL-D and 1pc is 2HAL-D.

2014-12-24 15:22:42 | [Read more...]

Shipment to New Zealand on 2014.9.14

There are 2pcs 2HSL-D to New Zealand on 2014.9.25.

2014-12-24 15:15:19 | [Read more...]

Customer can choose whatever color you like

Some customer asked me, if they can choose the color they like? My answer is yes. You can choose whatever color you like, we can also send you the color sample for reference or you advise us the color panpone number.

2014-3-24 16:44:29 | [Read more...]

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